3 new brands join the HotelEtail family!

We're kicking into the summer with some great news for our hotel retail market - three new designers have joined the HotelEtail family.  We are happy to welcome Hyde's Spectacles, Bolinder Stockholm and Lumitoro into our family and introduce them to thousands of hotel guests.

At HotelEtail we are constant on the look out for the hottest designers on the market to introduce them to hotel guests from around the world. 

  • Hyde's Spectacles - inspired by the literary work of R.L. Stevenson, Hyde's spectacles were born out of a concept of changing image perceptions - where spectacles add to one's personality, enriching his everyday experience in interaction with others.

  • Bolinder Stockholm is what happens when Upper East Side meets Swedish Grace. Handcrafted, in a true labor of love, using fine Nappa leather and superb artisanal craftsmanship, these wearable pieces of art blend contemporary functionality with an innovative yet timeless design.

  • Lumitoro - crafted by designer Roberto Chaves, is the ultimate fusion of art and science in jewellery - where a designer’s intuitive touch meets the precision of 3D printing technology.

We helped one of the UK's best resorts take their spa & golf retail online

Imagine you've had a lovely spa treatment. You discovered a new product for your face. However you don't want to carry the cream in your hand luggage through the airport. You also need a place to repurchase the product once it runs out in a few months.

Well this is not a problem for The Grove guests. They can go to The Grove's branded online shop experience (operated by HotelEtail) and purchase their items online and ship them directly to their home.

Now that's the kind of service hotel guests in 2017 expect.


Not sure guests will shop with you online? Here is a recent live order for a guest. 

Hotel guest buys the shower tiles...

Sometimes hotels are unsure if their guests would buy interiors & gifts from their online shop!  Perhaps they didn't notice the way we all shop in 2017? It is not rocket science. We now discover and shop things 24/7. 

Check out below the guest at Haymarket who fell in love with the tiles in their hotel shower. They went to the hotels online shop and purchased 2 sets of tiles for their own home. The tiles arrived in just 5 days. Oh and in the future when their friends ask about these tiles, they will talk intimately your hotel.  Sound like a lot of work? Not really as we can take care of it all...! For more email info@hoteletail.com

Secret hotel room pop-up shop this weekend @haymarketbyscandic

We are looking forward to our private pop-up shop at Haymarket this weekend with our fashion partners Lou in Love. Haymarket guests and locals are being invited to attend via a sponsored Facebook event (above) and hotel marketing channels. Guests on the list will receive a special room key at reception and can join the Lou in Love team in their room popup shop to try out the clothes and enjoy a special weekend only offer. 

If you would like similar retail events at your hotel that entertain your guests, then please contact us today info@hoteletail.com 

Fashion "Room Takeover" at The Hoxton, Holborn

British fashion designer Henry Holland has begun a month-long residency at The Hoxton, Holborn.

To celebrate House of Holland's second interiors collection in collaboration with Habitat, a room at the London hotel will be decorated in key pieces throughout March.

Bedding, upholstery and textiles will all feature signature tropical prints from the collection, titled Free to Roam.

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Greta Garbo Masterpiece painted on Facebook Live in Stockholm hotel.

It might not be the first place you would expect to see a painting being created. But the guests at Haymarket by Scandic were amazed this weekend when they found the artist Peter Eugen Nilsson creating a masterpiece in the hotel lobby. The event was also being watched by thousands around the world on Facebook Live. 

It took Peter, a rising Stockholm artist, almost 8 hours to paint Greta, the Hollywood icon who once worked in the building in the 1920’s. 

Before he had applied the final brush strokes he had already received significant offers for his creation. “I love to create in front of people, it is a real thrill” explains Peter. “At one point a small child came over and asked if she could help. I gave her the brush and she made her mark”.

Sophie Linnusaar, PR & Marketing Manager at Haymarket by Scandic. “HotelEtail enable us meet the needs of the modern hotel guest, by creating interactive retail experiences like this live Greta painting which was watched Live by over 3,500 of our Facebook fans. It’s OMNI channel retail for hotels!”.

The Standard does it right!

If your hotel has invested resources into getting it's branding right, then the chances are the logo will transfer nicely onto retail merchandise and fashion.

This allows your most loyal guests to take a piece of the hotel home with them. This makes even more sense when you have an online shop, like The Standard  who allow their guest to ship products worldwide.

A hidden benefit of this is that hundreds of guests have taken selfies of The Standard t-shirts in their home cities, giving the hotel extra exposure on Instagram and Facebook.

This weekend bag collaboration with WANT Les Essentials de la Vie has been a BIG hit with guests. As you can see some awesome user generated content to re enforce the lifestyle aspirations of the hotel. 

The Thief tie collaboration with Ted Henks & Eric a Norwegian story...

Extremely well executed retail at The Thief Oslo. The design of the tie is such that it will go with most shirts and suits, with the pattern providing personality with strong colours. A tie is low cost to ship worldwide and is a nice sign of respect to the business guests who frequent the hotel on a regular basis. The collaboration with http://tedhenkseric.com is smart as this retailier is a local Norwegian brand which compliments the storytelling of the hotel.  Nicely done, we like. BUT we can't buy one online yet!

This branded hotel cap sells. Here's 8 reasons why...

  1. It tells a story about the hotels neighbourhood. "More Light, More Power, it's an odd little adage that's on the seals and inscriptions all over Shoreditch".
  2. One size fits all. Makes it a perfect gift and a low return rate when selling online.
  3. It is light weight and small, so it's easier to offer free worldwide shipping.
  4. It is highly shareable and creates valuable user generated content on Instagram. 
  5. No hotel logo, means non hotel guests will also be attracted to it.
  6. It is perfectly on brand. Ace clearly understand their guests and are proud to show it.
  7. It make money! The profit margin on it is estimated to be 60-70%.  
  8. The hotel staff will proudly wear it at work, perpetuating demand and connecting your most loyal guests to your people.

For more information on "smart" hotel retail, please contact info@hoteletail.com 

New Stockholm hotel uses retail partnerships to enhance loyalty & reconnect with its Hollywood past

Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm is doing something smart. The newly opened 405 bedroom hotel is partnering with retail brands to curate gifts with special offers for their guests and Instagram followers.

These retail partnerships have exposed the hotel to new audiences outside it’s regular travel channels. Appealing to the fashion conscious, who in turn spread the word via Instagram and other social channels. Guest loyalty is enhanced via the retail offers and modern service.

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