Hotel Diplomat sells its Tea-Tox Experience online


At least once a week we add a new product to our online hotel retail channel that we really really want ourselves. This week its the Hotel Diplomat tea-tox shared experience. I have to admit there is calm jealous in our office everything we receive a new guest order for this shop product. 

diplomat iphone experience.png

Hotel Diplomat takes full advantage of our retail service, allowing their guests to ship a gift experience directly to a loved one or colleague or to click and collect at the hotel front desk. However the modern shopper wants it, we make it happen.

“The Afternoon Tea-Tox” has been assembled with rawbars, pumpkin- and coco chocolate truffles, unsweetened dark chocolate, nuts, berries, a fruit salad of “super fruit” and a shot made with Spirulina. The Afternoon Tea-Tox is 100% gluten-, sugar-, and lactose free.

Visit the Hotel Diplomat online store and book your unforgettable experience here!