3 new brands join the HotelEtail family!

We're kicking into the summer with some great news for our hotel retail market - three new designers have joined the HotelEtail family.  We are happy to welcome Hyde's Spectacles, Bolinder Stockholm and Lumitoro into our family and introduce them to thousands of hotel guests.

At HotelEtail we are constant on the look out for the hottest designers on the market to introduce them to hotel guests from around the world. 

  • Hyde's Spectacles - inspired by the literary work of R.L. Stevenson, Hyde's spectacles were born out of a concept of changing image perceptions - where spectacles add to one's personality, enriching his everyday experience in interaction with others.

  • Bolinder Stockholm is what happens when Upper East Side meets Swedish Grace. Handcrafted, in a true labor of love, using fine Nappa leather and superb artisanal craftsmanship, these wearable pieces of art blend contemporary functionality with an innovative yet timeless design.

  • Lumitoro - crafted by designer Roberto Chaves, is the ultimate fusion of art and science in jewellery - where a designer’s intuitive touch meets the precision of 3D printing technology.