This branded hotel cap sells. Here's 8 reasons why...

  1. It tells a story about the hotels neighbourhood. "More Light, More Power, it's an odd little adage that's on the seals and inscriptions all over Shoreditch".
  2. One size fits all. Makes it a perfect gift and a low return rate when selling online.
  3. It is light weight and small, so it's easier to offer free worldwide shipping.
  4. It is highly shareable and creates valuable user generated content on Instagram. 
  5. No hotel logo, means non hotel guests will also be attracted to it.
  6. It is perfectly on brand. Ace clearly understand their guests and are proud to show it.
  7. It make money! The profit margin on it is estimated to be 60-70%.  
  8. The hotel staff will proudly wear it at work, perpetuating demand and connecting your most loyal guests to your people.

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