The Hoxton connects neighbourhood retailers & artists to its hotel guests…


For those hotels fortunate enough to have exciting, rich and dynamic neighbourhoods some are connecting their guests to unique and bespoke locally made items that match the brand of the hotel perfectly whilst helping up and coming local artists.

The Hoxton is one of these, allowing its guests to shop the local neighbourhoods of its growing list of hotel properties around the world.

It also allows guest from all over the world to pick up a unique items staying connected with the hotel brand regardless of location.

Visit The Hoxton hotel online shop here!

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HotelEtail X Sustainable Street Wear for happy hotel guests

Some people have compared us to the matchmakers of hotels and retailers which is actually a pretty good summary. We are always on the look out for well meaning and ethical retailers to match to hotels around the world. In this case we brought together Dedicated with one of Stockholms most successful hotels in recent years to make a curated collection of accessories available for hotel guests to pre order to the room, shop at the hotel or ship home with free shipping.

Partnership marketing is fun, especially when you get a free ET t-shirt :)

HotelEtail finds hotels that match your brand perfectly...

Greta's Cafe Campaign by Fashoom.jpg

The world of retail is as competitive as it always been and we are in a time where being online and available through all channels is no longer a competitive edge. Everyone is doing it. So how do you tap into a new customer base in this type of environment?

Retail brands work with HotelEtail to identify locations inside hotels and resorts that perfectly match the brand values. Oh and they happen to have thousands of dream customers passing through the doors on a weekly basis.

Contact us at info@hoteletail and we will give you a list of locations that suit your retail brand perfectly.

Stockholm hotel turns Popcorn into extra room bookings!

Not all hotels have succeeded at making themselves “giftable”. As a result many of them are missing out on income from the sale of Experiences that can be turned into gifts for selling online. Hobo Hotel in Stockholm is not one of those missing out, as it succeeds at generating new revenue online from the sale of its popular Popcorn Sunday gift experience.

Joining the experience economy might not be as daunting for hotels as they first think. Hotels have the core services already in place. They just need to “gift-ify” them, according to Daniel Brazier of HotelEtail, a Stockholm based company that creates and manages hotel branded Experiences and Gifting services for Scandinavia's most exciting hotels. 

According to a recent Forbes article an overwhelming majority of travelers today say they prefer to spend their money on experiences over things. “Louis Vuitton is out, Vietnam is in”. It therefore makes sense that more and more travelers may make sacrifices at the accommodation level and use their money for unique experiences instead.

Popcorn sunday iphone grab1.png

Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky would agree, which is why Airbnb is also betting big on the role of experiences with accommodation, and is something hotels should pay attention to too. Airbnb Experiences offers activities hosted by locals, like a photography workshop, coffee shop guided tours or a cooking class. The service is now doing a million and a half bookings per year. And it’s growing much faster than Airbnb homes did, according to Chesky.

HotelEtail helped Hobo create the Popcorn Sunday Gift Experience by merging a night at the hotel with a local movie theatre, to turn a normal Sunday evening into a unique Experience that can be purchased in the hotel’s online store operated by HotelEtail. The Experience includes a night for two, movie tickets, breakfast and of course lots of Popcorn!

Hobo Popcorn Sunday Voucher front business card size.jpg

The online orders are handled by HotelEtail’s customer service team and then shipped to the guest’s office or home. The customer can then easily surprise a colleague or loved one with the gift. Allowing them to make the room booking at their convenience. The advance payments generate positive cash flow for the hotel, and with a 50% average redemption rate it can end up very profitable for them, explains Daniel.

“We knew we were onto a winner when locals started buying the gift experience online” explains Niel Swart, eCommerce Manager at Hobo. “Popcorn Sunday has given locals a reason to stay with us at the weekend, which has brought all kinds of benefits”.

Hobo and HotelEtail will be continuing its expansion into the experience economy in 2019, “with plans to increase sales of Popcorn Sunday gifting through targeted video content on LinkedIn and Facebook” explains Mattias Stengl, GM at Hobo. 

Try out the Popcorn Sunday at Hobo for yourself. Email me for a special discount code 

Bikes, Skateboards & Parfum...a quick tour of Downtown Campers retail operations

Check out this short video of how to activate retail products inside your hotel spaces to keep guests entertained while generating new revenue opportunities. 

HotelEtail has worked closely with the Downtown Camper by Scandic team. 1 year prior to the hotel opening we helped the team plan the retail spaces and customer journey. Then establish the commercial arrangements with partners brands such as @Houdinisportswear and @Olympus. Then once the hotel opened in September 2017 our operational team kicked in with our express lobby kiosk solution and online store services which continue to evolve with the reputation of the hotel. 

For more info please contact 

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7 Friends, 11 Eggs, 14 Pieces of Toast, 150,000 followers...

Do you want to improve the occupancy rate of your hotel? Silly questions right. Well we help our hotel partners do that by finding customers for their hotel outside traditional travel channels.

Using retailers, designers and retail influencers we create events such as this one, that reach huge numbers of people on social media. And here is the best bit. It's free! Well you have to pay us to run your retail channel for you so lets call it an added bonus. 

This influencer event was funded by our retailer partner in the hotel's online store (here) but the collective distribution is huge, 150,000 to be precise of which many would not have heard about the hotel before. 

To find out how to grow awareness of your hotel with retail audiences, send us a message


Hotel online store delivers body & bath collection to customers around the world


The online store we provide for Grand Central by Scandic helps them to develop their brand in retail and introduces a new e-commerce income stream which is set to grow by at least 15% per year according to Business Insider. 

Together with the hotels own branded body & bath products and merchandise we have curated a range of seasonal products to help and inspire guests during their stay. 

If you would like to know more then please email

Hotel Diplomat sells its Tea-Tox Experience online


At least once a week we add a new product to our online hotel retail channel that we really really want ourselves. This week its the Hotel Diplomat tea-tox shared experience. I have to admit there is calm jealous in our office everything we receive a new guest order for this shop product. 

diplomat iphone experience.png

Hotel Diplomat takes full advantage of our retail service, allowing their guests to ship a gift experience directly to a loved one or colleague or to click and collect at the hotel front desk. However the modern shopper wants it, we make it happen.

“The Afternoon Tea-Tox” has been assembled with rawbars, pumpkin- and coco chocolate truffles, unsweetened dark chocolate, nuts, berries, a fruit salad of “super fruit” and a shot made with Spirulina. The Afternoon Tea-Tox is 100% gluten-, sugar-, and lactose free.

Visit the Hotel Diplomat online store and book your unforgettable experience here!



Meetings & Mountains | HotelEtail gets busy in Bergen

Where ever there are amazing hotels and awesome retail stories you will find us. Many hotels want to work with their local retail best kept secrets but do not have the infrastructure and time to make things happen. That is where we come in. We take care of the stock concerns, commercial agreements between partners, and the challenges of global shipping among other fun things.

Enjoy a quick taste of our recent trip to Bergen in its winter glory. 

Does your hotel do retail like ACE HOTEL?


Retail partnerships are a great way to keep hotel guests inspired when they are not in your hotel. Indeed what else can you offer a guest at your property if they are not in your country or city? How can they stay part of your hotel's culture and brand. Well retail is the answer and with an online store you can make sales 24/7 and ship to anywhere. 

Keep up the great work, its not called the ACE hotel for nothing!   

Grand Frank meet hundreds of fans inside one of Stockholms best hotel lobbies...

GF X Hay pop up snap with logos.jpg

This weekend saw yet another hit retail pop up event inside the impeccably decorated Haymarket by Scandic. Organised by our @Fashoom team who arranged for the event to be broadcast on Facebook Live with the hotel which encouraged even more people to visit the lobby to collect a special 20% offer with the Grand Frank the mens online fashion and watch brand. One guest saw the Facebook Live offer and came down from the room to pick up a watch before dinner. "This is the future of hotel retail" explains Daniel, MD of HotelEtail.  

"Grand Frank is the perfect retail partnership for Haymarket with its 500,000 Instagram followers and stunning shirts and watches" explains Nathan O'Neill, Fashoom eCommerce Manager. "We put this event together in conjunction with the wider HotelEtail service at Haymarket to bring a fashion audience into the hotel and to help Grand Frank find new high quality customers".  

View the 4 minute LIVE broadcast below:


HotelEtail logo (new).jpg

HotelEtail are experts in helping hotels create meaningful and profitable retail solutions for the modern hotel guest. Today's hotel guest is no longer satisfied with a huge shopping map and dusty lobby retail cases! 

Message for more details.

Grand Central's New Candle will be a hit this Christmas

Grand Central Candle (with box).png

This winter we have worked with Grand Central by Scandic to bring its guests its own candle, available to purchase in the hotel lobby showcase or in its online store. We plan to ship lots of candles to guests all over the world during the winter period. "The candle is 100% on brand, from the price point to the messaging on the box which connects to the hotels musical flavours" explains Nathan O'Neill head of eCommece at HotelEtail. 

How to make a hotel jewellery collection fly!

This month we helped Hotel atSIX to take its exclusive jewellery collection to the next level. We did this by introducing them to one of our much loved Influencer Jennifer Berg (36k) who modeled the collection inside the hotel. 

The HotelEtail video production team then made several videos to promote the collection which also does a great job at showing off the amazing interiors and expensive art inside Hotel atSIX. These videos will be featured in the hotels online store (operated by HotelEtail) and also on Facebook and Instagram to drive sales of the jewellery collection.

"This collaboration with HotelEtail and Jennifer has attracted attention at a time when were are building our reputation in the market. This video campaign has proved very cost effective and has attracted a lot of extra attention via Jennifer's large social audience" - Niel Swart, eCommerce Manager, Hotel atSIX. 

Look out for future retailer partnerships that drive awareness online for your beautiful hotel.

Here is what our customers say....

"We have been working with Daniel and his super team for almost a year now for both our hotels At Six and Hobo in Stockholm. Daniel and HotelEtails professionalism and care for what they are doing go beyond the extra mile!  

If you are planning a retail strategy for your product or hotel, HotelEtail is definitely the company I can recommend!

Thank you for the great service Daniel and team!"

Niël Swart - eCommerce manager Hotel At Six and Hobo, Stockholm, Sweden


The Standard Hotels | Online store makes us so happy!

If you ever need inspiration for a well executed online store and product design (with designer partners) look no further than the Standards online store. This weekend Tote for example is stunning and at 495 USD is a steal. We are going to order one and show it to potential hotel customers on what good merchandising and hotel retail looks like. 

Visit the Standards online store here. And tell us what you think below.