A successful online shop has lots of exciting social content. We need your help to delight your guests.


It is important that we are creative in the images that we use for the shop, whether they are taken by hotel guests (UGC), hotel front of house, hotel marketing, or the HotelEtail marketing team. 

Here is our guide to taking successful online shop photos in your hotel:

1. Shoppable

  • All photos should contain at least one shop product, so that we can add a link for guests to click on to buy the product. The main purpose of the Social Feed is to inspire purchases. 
  • The product(s) can be in the foreground or the background, but they should in some way be the focus of the shot.
  • The image should be contextual and/or should show the product in use. E.g. A watch on a wrist or on a hotel bed is a million times better than a watch against a plain white background.

2. Social (fun & creative)

  • We’re not after impersonal marketing/advertising style shots. We want real photos from real people.
  • We want to evoke a sense of ‘this could be you!’. The images should be relatable and evocative. E.g. No modelling shots and no ‘professional’ shots!
  • An image which shows customers engaging with the product is a million times more impactful than one with no people in it.

3. Specific (to the hotel)

  • The photos should be taken in and around the hotel. You have stunning locations around your hotel, so why not use them!
  • Photos can be taken in Hotel rooms, bars, lobbies, or even outside with the hotel front as a backdrop.
  • Again, this really adds to the social proof, when a guest can say “I stayed in that room! And I love that product!”

"The picture itself should not look professionally taken, but natural and authentic. Shots must be well-lit with interesting backgrounds. Be creative and have fun with the content".

Remember to always use your shop #hashtag


This image is Social, Shoppable, and Specific to the hotel. It feels natural and relaxed. It makes me want to (re)visit the hotel and even purchase these products (mug and cushion).

Set up by our own eCommerce team, this shot has a natural feel to it and managed to squeeze in 4 products! The use of the golden table adds prestige to the shot and enhances the products. 

This is clearly Social, and it is subtly Shoppable (hand soap) and very hotel Specific. This is clearly a real happy picture and not a marketing gimmick. Mirrors can be a great way to turn a boring shot into something more interesting.


This speaker is Shoppable, but a poor bland photo that does not feel in any way Social or inspiring or say anything about the hotel.

A nice, clean, hotel Specific photo, but it feels far too corporate and marketing-y. Let’s mess up the bed a little bit and make it feel lived in..!

Email Marketing 3

Email marketing is still the best eCommerce conversion tool. While this may not be the case for your own booking sales, in retail email marketing is everything. We would expect you to send out monthly shop emails to your database. Here is a great example that generated a lot of sales in just few hours. 

What made this email so successful, with an incredibly high click through rate?

  • It is very personal and authentic 
  • Talks to the audience of the hotel 
  • It is short and sweet.....no one has time to read long emails these days!
  • The links are specific to the categories, shop art, shop lighting but we see increased conversion on product specific promotions
An effective email campaign that lead to 15,000 SEK in sales in just 4 hours. Excellent use of a promotional code to charge the promotion even further.

An effective email campaign that lead to 15,000 SEK in sales in just 4 hours. Excellent use of a promotional code to charge the promotion even further.